文章地址CATEGORIZATION OF DISASTER DECISION SUPPORT NEEDS FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF AN INTEGRATED MODEL FOR DMDSS翻译进度 [x] 引言 [x] 进行了决策支持系统的概述。 [x] 定义了一个特定的灾害管理决策支持系统 [x] 点明了在开发DMDSS中出现的问题。 [x] 概述了我们DMDSS开发和模型集成的方法。 [x] 对模块化子程序选择的概述。 [x] 描述的选择过程。 [x] 提出决策支持的概念需要。 [x] 提出了模块化子程序选择需求的分类方案。 [x] 用一个例子来支持需求分类方案。 [x] 实验结果 [x] 实验结论。 作者SOHAIL ASGHAR,DAMMINDA ALAHAKOON,LEONID CHURILOV 摘要The wide variety of disasters and the large number of activities involved have resulted in the demand for separate Decision Support System (DSS) models to manage different requirements. The modular approach to model management is to provide a framework in which to focus multidisciplinary research and model integration. A broader view of our approach is to provide the flexibility to organize and adapt a tailored DSS model (or existing modular subroutines) according to the dynamic needs of a disaster. For this purpose, the existing modular subroutines of DSS models are selected and integrated to produce a dynamic integrated model focussed on a given disaster scenario. In order to facilitate the effective integration of these subroutines, it is necessary to select the appropriate modular subroutine beforehand. Therefore, subroutine selection is an important preliminary step towards model integration in developing Disaster Management Decision Support Systems (DMDSS). The ability to identify a modular subroutine for a problem is an important feature before performing model integration. Generally, decision support needs are combined, and encapsulate different requirements of decision-making in the disaster management area. Categorization of decision support needs can provide the basis for such model selection to facilitate effective and efficient decision-making in disaster management. Therefore, our focus in this paper is on developing a methodology to help identify subroutines from existing DSS models developed for disaster management on the basis of needs categorization. The problem of the formulation and execution of such modular subroutines are not addressed here. Since the focus is on the selection of the modular subroutines from the existing DMDSS models on basis of a proposed needs classification scheme.     继续阅读
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